Best Odds Guaranteed Greyhounds

How it works:
  • 1.Greyhounds Best Odds Guaranteed
  • 2.So if you take a price on a dog and the SP returns bigger, we will pay you the BIGGER SP. If you take 3/1 and your dog wins at an SP of 4/1, we will pay you 4/1. If you take 3/1 and your dog wins at an SP of 2/1, we will STILL pay you 3/1.
  • 3.Take a price on a dog and if your selection wins at a bigger price, we pay the BIGGER!
  • 1. Best Odds Guaranteed applies to UK & Irish BAGS/BEGS greyhound racing only unless otherwise stated.
  • 2. Best Odds Guaranteed does not apply to ante post betting, enhanced accumulators, or any other specials.
  • 3. If you take a price (early or show price) and the SP (starting price) is bigger, we will pay you at the SP.
  • 4. MintBet reserves the right to withhold, restrict or cancel this offer from individual account holders at its own discretion and without prior notice.
  • 5. Rule 4s will apply as usual in line with standard racing rules.
  • 6. The maximum increase per bet or per race as a result of Best Odds Guaranteed offer is capped at €/£5000. For example, if a greyhound racing bet (multiple bet or single) at original odds returned €/£20,000, but with Best Odds Guaranteed applied, the bet returned, €/£28,000, the uplift (in this case €/£8000) would be capped to €/£5000 meaning the bet would return €/£25,000.
  • 7. MintBet reserves the right to void any bets pre-event and return money to players account that follow a predetermined pattern of suspected abuse.
  • 8. MintBet may determine at its sole discretion whether it believes different entries or accounts are connected to the same person, using whatever methods it deems appropriate.
  • 9.The Max Odds for Mintbet Free Bets are set at 25/1.
  • 10. Mintbet Terms and Conditions apply.